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If you have a technical question, please email or fax us, we don't have technical support through phones for now.

We don't quote/take orders through phones, please email, fax, or mail the order details with your name, physical address and postal code and phone number.

If you need parts, please email or fax us with the part number, manufacturer name, brand name, engine model, serial number, and shipping destination to get a quote, we can't quote through phone. If you don't have the part number, please email us the photos of the defective part, engine tag, machine tag.

We recommend you to use email or fax for order tracking.

Calls without caller ID will be blocked by our phone system, sorry for any inconvenience.

If you wish an early reply for your inquiry, please study our website carefully before asking questions and sending inquiries. We hope to receive your specific inquiry items and quantities. Please enclosed your company name,address, telphone, fax or website,email address.

If you want to talk with us on line, you can send your MSN or SKYPE to us by email, we will add your account and contact you.

We are happy for customers to come to our company for a visit, -but please arrange beforehand. If you wish to visit, please e-mail first to ensure someone is available. Please bear in mind that we try to offer exceptionally low prices, and in order to do this, we cannot dedicate a larger percentage of our time to entertaining customers.


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